Boss’ Day is a day observed in the United States to show appreciated to well deserving bosses and managers for their kindness by employees but to also improve intra-office relationships between managers and their employees. This day was registered with the U.S Chambers of Commerce in 1958 by Patricia Bay Harosk who worked for her father as a secretary at an insurance company in Illinois.

Some more interesting facts around Bosses Day:

  1. Boss’ Day is on the 16th of October, which is Patricia’s dad’s birthday.
  2. Though the day was registered in 1958, it was only in 1962 where the day was officially proclaimed.
  3. Hallmark Cards only started to offer Boss’ Day cards in 1979.

 Feel stuck on what to get your manager? Below are some ideas on what you as a team can do to show your appreciation and gratitude.

  1. Create a team card
  2. Give a gift
  3. Create a thank you video
  4. After work celebration

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